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I've had a small stockpile of Pinterest inspiration for a few years now, which can be seen at the link below. Mid-century illustration is a big favorite of mine; I love the childlike spirit and wonderful color combinations it had. Artists like Mary Blair, Alexander Girard, Miroslav Sasek, David Klein, and Stan Galli are high on my list, though a good chunk of my pins are works by modern-day illustrators.


My general inspiration comes from everywhere, like most people. I do tend to zoom in on bold colors and patterns, nature, film, vintage things, DIY, interior design, papercraft, seasons & holidays, and ideas with an educational/learning/trivia slant. 

The whole shebang can be seen here:


First sketch...

(Drawn with my little Wacom tablet in Photoshop, neither of which I have mastered by any stretch.) I decided upon this little parrot pirate. Or pirrot. Or pirrrrrot, if you're feeling swashbuckly. He's a little on the lanky side, but thinks he's pretty good at what he does. Only the fanciest ruffled shirts will do. He wears the claw of a cat that he took down in an infamous cantina fight after being mistaken for a neighbor's parakeet. It's also how he lost his right eye. Beside him is a treasure chest full of crackers, because that's what he's all about.


Four months later... hey! Finally got the shapes rendered. 


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