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Doreen Mulryan

Children's Book Illustrator & Designer



Pirrrrrate Bearrrrr

Hi there!

I'm a little late on the start of the class but here I am!  Here is a link to my Pinterest Boards I love looking at that site with my morning cup of coffee to get the day going with some inspiration on what to draw or make for dinner ;)


I created a nautical board a while back that is actually pretty handy for this class, I need to add more pirates:


Sketches to come soon! Sorry for the delay -- Doreen

Hi again! Here is my sketch so far,  I've been pretty obsessed with drawing bears lately so here you go:


Hi!! Sorry for the long delay but I finally had a chance to block out the color in illustrator, here is a quick screenshot of what I got. I'm still changing things around adding and subtracting but this is about ready to go into Photoshop :)

Have a great 4th of July weekend if you're in the US!--D


Woo Hoo I finished it!!! Thanks Matt for a great class! I learned alot, especially new ways of dealing with layers and shading in Photoshop :)

Here is my final piece have a great rest of the summer everyone!!!


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