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Lacey Wright

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Pirelli ad.

Part of the reason I wanted to take this class was that I wanted to get the hang of the pen tool in Illustrator. I covered Illustrator a little bit in my photography major at school, but the pen tool always eluded me for some reason. 

Since my aim is just to get the basics, I chose one of the simpler ads in Brad's pinterest collection. I settled on the Pirelli ad. 

Here's what I have so far from blocking out the basic shapes. I used the pen tool exclusively: 

I'm still trying to get the hang of making all my lines smooth when I have to move from one anchor point to the next. Hopefully more practice will help. 


04/29/2014: Added text and gradients to the grey wires, and corrected the color on the green wires. 


04/30/2014: Got pretty frustrated with the texturing portion of the project, as I couldn't seem to get the effect that I wanted in the end. I wanted to do it entirely in illustrator, following the steps that Brad suggested for creating a bitmap out of textures. I might end up importing the project into Photoshop later and just do the textures that way, as I'm still supremely frustrated with how it turned out. 

But for now, here's the final with gradient added to the green wires, and a bit of grain. If nothing else, my frustration did help me to learn that it's important that I keep shapes simple and together. Masking with grouped objects is supremely more complicated, as far as I could tell, than using texture masking for a single object.


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