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Laura Dozor

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Pirates with Sachs of Gold

In the late 1990's — a new form of pirate, the bankster politican — began to wreak havoc on the economy with perverse policies designed to steal from the masses in order to keep the booty for themselves

PINTEREST:   http://pinterest.com/ladozor/skillshare-inspiration/

SKETCH: pencil and paper

SHAPES in ILLUSTRATOR:  Refined the likeness of Corzine in Illustrator -- and I'm excited about adding textures etc. in photoshop in the next step. I'll have to add the Paulson parrot later, or I'll never keep up the pace.

Illustrator shapes file:

PHOTOSHOP: To quickly eliminate the black outlines, the Alt-Delete (with transp. layer lock) was super-handy! Below is a photoshop layer file with the lines eliminated so that I can get on with the business of  practicing the shading, texturing and detail-adding techniques that Matt shares with us in the video.

Photoshop Layer file - before shading and texturing techniques:


I hope to have a final up soon. Mark me down as tardy.


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