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Pirates soccer team!

And now I am drawing pirates! Who playing soccer!

And here my pirates!

My workflow is not similar as in lessons, I am beginner and not understand how color and light works, also problems in "forms" too. I hope soon that spaces in foundation will be filled with knowledges, which comes with practice. 

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My workflow

Hi everyone! At first - I am really enjoy this Class by Denis Zilber! Thx a lot! (Also srry for my bad English) For long time I cant deside what to draw. Few days ago I join to contest, where task was to creat baseball players characters for kids. And this class help me a lot! Now I found very good workflow, its have some differents from Denis Zilber workflow, but not so much. And here some of my process of creating really cool characters. I am honestly - its a first time when I made something in this level, I really learn a lot. 

I start scetching on paper with hb pencil. I doodling and doodling while something cool borning in mind and paper. Here first step.

I take a photo of paper and upload it to pc and open in photoshop. set opacity ~30% and start drawing over this sketch again, developing my chars deeper. Actually one of important things in char design, as I think - is too try feel your character, simply speak with him help to understand him better. 

exploring deeper

I am bad in anatomy and seems in perspective too (I know rules of perspective but I am bad in feeling it in char designs, I mean - its hard to me place them in right 3D... whatever. Lets go forward. I deside to make at first Dragon. I spend near 2-3 hours on creating good strokes. I want have character with good stylish lines. I worked with simple hard round brush 4 px sized. When I get clear lines I start to add some simple details on my dragon with 3px sized hard brush. And here what I had at that point:

And now time for coloring!!! I swear - its was a first time when I creating something like this... I took pen tool and make contour outline of my char, than made selection - and fill it with grey color, my artline I place in the top of layers deck. I want to have red dragon! in white Tshirt. - on new one layer I painted flat colors

At this point I confusing again. ANd how to make on this guy lights and shadows? Ok lets start. How to make shadows and what color to use? I rotate trough an curve and choose two shadows colors.

That simple way I learned from one book about manga art. Light was easier, I just imagin how cool must looks red dragon under simple yellowish sunlight. 

Oh...his wing are terrible! I delete them, they was been on separate layer. Also I use ambient light technique of our teacher Mr Zilber - I added some cool light on face of Dragon, which gives him some skin texture feeling too. 

Next step was been to add som bg, contest about cards, which should give to children, and that why I dont need in hard bg. I just take some cool brushes and add some green and yellow. When I paint bg - it become quite simple to add some reflect light to bottom of dragon simple add green. Oh! About painting brushes - I using standart round airbrushes - one hard and one soft - for painting and erasing.

My colors are not as bright as I want to be. But before that I made cool outline for my character and add noise (standart filter in photohop). I know one simple trick which I used sometimes and seems there is never be better times for it! I create a copy of all group of layers and merge them. and now Press   SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+2   - all togheter! You will see that you have selected something =) Press Ctrl+J - it will copy selected on a new layers. Make blind merged layer and you will see what make that secret shortcut to select highlights. You can play with it more - we can create 2 layers - put one in screen, other on multiply layer style and see what looks better. I just make 80%opacity and choose Overlay. Seems its ready!!! 

Enjoy! =) And yes! I win that contest ;))))) Prize is very cheap but I really enjoy this work and great class from Denis Zilber helped me a lot! Thx You Mr Zilber! Hm this is only one of four chars which I need to creat for that contest. I deside to make on robot, bull and monkey or tiger as a pitcher.


And here second guy - Taurus! Today I finished his artline and now going to colorize him

And Taurus ready too! Seems I make him too wolly oO. And I redesign BGm now its better! Also contest holders want to print them on round shape.


I changed monkey pitcher to Jagura, and now my perspective and anatomy problems come to surface... Bad moment, but at now its best what I can do. 

And last one is a robot!


Again problems with materials. But as much I practice as faster and easier its becomes!


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