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Pirates in Expressive Arguement

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I started by doing a few gestures to see what kids of character would show up:


Then I decided to use them all because they just looked so well together! I took some time to arrange them along a perspective line to set up the scene:


Next I added some base color to see the forms better, cleaned up the rough pencils, added in details, then inked everything. I used some half-tones for shading, something I've never used before.


Lastly I finished up the background, putting the background inks on thier own layer, shaded the water, skin, and clothing, added details to the floor planks, added a few textures to the wooden railing, and used several correction layers including Hue ,Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast. I even made my own multi-tip brush for the clouds. I did this whole project in Manga Studio 5 EX, so I had to modify many of the techniques in the course that were PhotoShop based, but I managed to use many of the techniques that Matt explained.


Here is an update, to address the critique by Matt. He made some wonderful points that pushed me to stop being lazy, lol! I added a bunch of texture all over the place and shadows for the pirates. I might even keep going with this at a later time, I have a bunch of ideas that I can't get to right now.


I had a lot of fun doing this project and recommend the course to anyone, especially Photoshop users. Matt does a wonderful job of exploring lots of techniques that really got me thinking about possibilities that
I hadn't thought of before. Thanks for Making this course, and thanks to everyone that likes my project and/or leaves a comment!

-James GSR

Visit my page to see more of what I did for this digital painting! www.facebook.com/ArtByJamesGSR


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