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Pirates Man, Freakin' Pirates!: A Re-Branding of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A quick introduction: 

My name is Pete Richardson and I am a graphic designer working and living in West Hollywood, CA. I currently work at a branding and marketing agency named NCompass and we specialize in event marketing and kicking ass. That being said, I like to stretch my flex my creative muscles in the world outside of marketing and my current goal is to figure out how to combine my two passions: Sports & Design, into one incredible career. This may be a good start so I'm excited to get started. 

Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA I've always been an avid sports fan. I grew up playing all sports including basketball, baseball, soccer and golf. If my knowledge for sports and statistics could be applied to anything else I'd probably be incredibly successful but alas, I'll continue to go through life knowing everyone in the NBA's free throw percentage for some odd reason.

There are way too many sports uniforms that I want to re-design and originally I created a list of around 30, and then broke that down into my top 5 of each sport and widdled my way down to one I can at least be comfortable diving into and then potentially design a bunch of the others down the line. But first, I will take you through some uniforms that I love to give you a better understanding of what I like as a designer, and sports fan below. I'll include a few bullet points between each slide to further explain what works for me. 

• Really love the color palette in the Memphis Grizzlies Uniforms, I always think two shades of one color work REALLY nicely with one bold color, in this case a yellow.

• Both their primary and secondary (the claw ball) logos are clean and impactful. 

• The custom Typeface with the lines going throughout the type in "MEMPHIS" is unique and looks great on the actual jerseys

• For the Kentucky Jerseys, I think the squares on the belt buckle area are a really nice element. I always thought it resembled "UK" for some reason, or maybe I just wanted it to.

• I like this new take on the back of jerseys having graphics superimposed into the actual material. On screen it is tough to pick up but in person it really shines.

• And I thought I was in love with Oregon Ducks uniforms. Cheers to Oregon State with this design. I thought Nike's Graphic Identity Group really knocked this one out of the park. 

• The new logo is strong and more fierce then their playful beaver they had before (though I did like that one too and miss the days of playful logos like the Miami Hurricanes Stork or whatever it is)

• These unis are simple and I love the stroke on the numbers and names. 

• Favorite part is probably the helmets. Something about stripes BIG STRIPES gets me going. You'll find that to be the case with a lot of my uniform inspiration choices.

• Hockey jerseys are unique in the fact that they are one of the only sports that give the designer a chance to work with long sleeves. Sometimes this can be too much freedom and keeping them clean and simple is the best way to go. 

• I love both of these teams logos. They are beautiful on their own and even better on the actual unis.

BIGGER IS BETTER to me. A lot of sports teams nowadays are too conservative when it comes to sizing their type and logos. I always want to see designs wrap around the body more. If we are having people pay to sit a mile away from the court/field, why not keep them in mind when designing?

• YEAH I THREW COOL RUNNINGS IN HERE. But come on! Making your uniform be your countries flag just wrapped around your body?! That is one of the most underrated design decisions ever. Applause.

• How cool are the 1982 Vancouver Canucks jerseys with the strong Red, Gold an Black V's on the shirts? Bigger is better. I'm telling you.

• The other two uniforms are here more for their logos than anything else. Sometimes, less is more.

• Here are images of what the current uniforms for the NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers look like as well as what their past uni's have looked like

• They began with using Orange Crush and White as their colors and then moved into a more metalic brown and Blood Red, which they are using currently.

• Personally, I'm not feeling the brown metal color at all and will look to eliminate it in my design. It's similar to what the Philadelphia Eagles introduced in the mid 90's with this metallic "midnight green" uniform which they currently have. I miss the days of the Kelly Green.

• Not sure if I will go back to orange and white though, there is something more "pirate" about red white and black that I love

• Here are some more of their logos that they are using/have used. Pretty cool, but I may look to find a middle ground between their old logo (bottom right) and their new ones in the top left.

• Also: I've always loved the image of captain morgan and there is something to be said about some of the details that go into pirate costumes: Belt Buckles, Black boots, gold trim, ruffles (not literally but the idea of them), feather in the hat, etc. 

• I'm having trouble visualizing a uniform that comes off as mean and intimidating though when all I can think of is pirates of the carribean. I think I need to source some darker material.

• Now I'm onto something. This is the state flag of Florida that I've never seen before. I don't really know if people fly it in their front yard or anywhere in the city of Tampa but I REALLY think there is a good opporutinty to incorporate it into their away uniforms or alternate jerseys. Similar to what Inter did for the centenary kits which I was in love with when they came out.

Anyways, that's where I'm at. I'm going to start diving in and trying a few things and I'll begin uploading my sketches and ideas next week. 

Design Comps: Round 1: Home Kits

I figured out what was bothering me about the current Tampa Bay uniforms and it was the fact that there was too much of that metallic brown (used in their helmets and pants). So I made the use of the brown purpouseful in my home uniforms shown above. I wanted the brown belt and pant panels to mimic the look of a pirate's belt. I also liked the idea of the pants' stitching to be brown as well to give it a more raw/patch-work looking feel to it. 

I keep their logos pretty much as is but made the red color more blood as opposed to their current wine red. 

It was fun to think about what could work for the helmets. I liked the idea of the flag logo being nice and big on one side and nothing on the other (similar to what the pittsburgh steelers do) but I then I thought of a better idea that works. I took the feather from the hat of the Bucs original orange logo and ghosted that onto the matte black helmet. It was a bit too loud in stark white, as I initially had it, so I brought the color down to a deep gray so that it is tastefully there and not in your face. 

I then began to think of how I could update the jerseys to be a bit more lively and show a band of brothers-style unity that Pirates possess. I took my inspiration of the Florida state flag and brough that "X" symbol to the front chest. This would be a different matterial mesh then the rest of the jersey to make it a bit more breathable but it also aesthetically accomplishes what I want it to. The center of the X now houses the player's number and it wasn't until after I did this that I noticed they sort of now resemble the Team USA kits which is interesting. 

I then moved onto the back of the uniforms where I re-used the Feather graphic that is ghosted on the help and blew it up REALLY big to create this cool texture graphic look that cuts through the jersey further mimicing the beat-up/frayed flag logo that the Bucs have. Then, inspired by my home hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers,  I created a graphic that would house the player's name and further emphasize a sharp slashing of a sword. I then housed the Bucs secondary logo (the Ship) at the bottom of the player's back. 

Lastly, I thought about what it would be like to see a running back or wide receiver blaze past the you as you were trying to tackle them. I wanted the back of their socks to have something on them as a treat but still be purpouseful to what I am trying to accomplish with the entire theme of the uniforms. Fortunately Nike has created these awesome Dri-Fit Performance Football socks and Elite Socks that already exist and seem to resemble a skeletal backbone of sorts that links the skull and crossbones on the calves to the rest of the design. 

The away white uniforms are shown below but I won't go into detail on those just yet. I would like to hear feedback first. The only thing I'm not completely settled on yet are the numbers, those need a little tweaking but any and all feedback and criticism will be appreciated! Thanks guys.

Away Kits:


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