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Pirate circa 1999

Hello everyone.

Really enjoying this class so far. As someone who has trouble taking drawings from initial sketch to a finished piece, watching Matt's videos has been very illuminating and has given me a much needed roadmap. 

I wanted to stick with the pirate theme but since it has already been done so well by the many talented illustrators here, I wanted to try something a little different. I decided to base my project on a more modern (late 90's, to be exact) type of pirate.

My starting sketches:

I was raring to delve into the project so I went ahead with my initial Captain Morgan inspired pose.

I developed my pirate guy a little more but felt that I needed to give the pc a more older feel.

I was having a lot of fun developing this character so I added a stack of CDs, some beer and the classic staple of college dorm art: the cliche poster of two girls kissing. I think we've all seen this poster on someone wall at one point or another.

Now to build the shapes in illustrator:

After that I began turning the paths into colored shapes. I'm just picking colors semi-randomly at this point. Color isn't my strong suit but I'm excited to get this over to photoshop and start working on the colors and textures.

I'm looking forward to finishing the project. Thank you for looking and thanks to Mike for the great course!

Color and texture progress pic. I'm new to this process but it's slowly coming along. This is a lot of fun! 


D'oh! I forgot to include the headphone cable! I might tweak a few other things as well while I'm revisiting it. 


Finally got around to making the revisions. I didn't save the previous color tweaks so I had to do that part over again. I ended up liking this color version a bit more.


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