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John Somers

Visual designer



Pirate character design by John Somers

Hello, my name is John Somers. I'm a visual designer from Holland and like to work on everything that offers me an interesting challenge. Today is my first day of the character lessons by Matt Kaufenberg. I've just created some inspirationboards on Pinterest and now I'm going to complete step 2 of the lessons. 

I've started to sketch some pirates. The longer it takes, the more fun it became. At the end I think I've got 2 nice pirate sketches to build on. What do you think?Pirate sketches

Thanks for the feedback! I've choosed the 4th pirate to work on. Here you can see my pirate filled with shapes.

And my final render in Photoshop:

It was great fun to work on the character and I've learned a lot of things that I can use in my next projects. Thanks for the great class.


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