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About the Brand

The term ‘pirate radio’ originally refers to the illegal or unregulated radio transmission over AM or FM airwaves.  Pirate radio stations are usually operated by amateurs, and typically broadcast content that is alternative to what mainstream media focuses on.  What I love about the concept of pirate radio stations is that it breds from the individual; it is an outlet for regular people who believe that what they have to say should be heard.

At this point in media history we have never been more bombarded by the amount of news and other media.  Our attention span has shortened to the point where the only thing that catches our attention can be reduced to 'infotainment'.  With mainstream media we as the public put our trust into them to provide us with news but we are tired of all the organizations with an agenda or just straight up bias towards their interests.  FAUX News, Bill O’Reilly, TMZ puts out shit that are either inaccurate, biased, or we just plainly don’t give a flying fawk about.  The main push for any news to get visibility is the numbers it can generate, while the real newsworthy items are lost in the shuffle.

It is time for the individual to stand up and speak out.

Our brand takes this core concept from pirate radio and applies it to the clothing arena, where we speak up and speak out on current events and other social issues to bring attention to them, or at least get the viewer to start thinking about the things that are happening around them on a deeper level.  We find pleasure in poking fun of pop culture, celebrities and any other issues that are worth mentioning about.

Do not underestimate your voice and the power it can have to stir up an army who will unite and get behind your beliefs.  A quote by Margaret Mead sums it best - “Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals.” 


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'All for the common cause'

Our slogan 'All for the common cause' ties into the through line of the brand.  We are a band of individuals with unique perspectives on the way we see the world.  We encourage critical thinking about everything happening around us and invite everyone to share our vision and beliefs.  We understand a grassroots movement is the most powerful way to push forward an idea, and the power of a group of individuals working towards a shared belief and championing it is what the mission of Pirate Radio is all about.


First Collection - "Pride & Prejudice"

The theme of the first collection is titled 'Pride & Prejudice'.  No it is not a tribute to the ubiquitous Jane Austen novel, but rather it is my take on the words PRIDE and PREJUDICE being applied to Asian culture.  Being a person of Asian descent and growing up in the States, it had a profound effect on my identity and has without a doubt shaped me into who I am today.  I went through a period of going through an identity crisis, going from one end of the spectrum to the other.  From wanting to get as far away from my heritage in order to fit in with my peers, to being a full blown FOB who prided on everything Asian.  After much trial and error I feel like I have reached a good place of understanding the best of both worlds, and getting to a balance point of being BOTH Asian and American.  This first collection is a mix of ideas that I have generated from having been immersed in both cultures.  I am quite certain that even though this is a reflection of my thoughts and experiences, there are a lot of people out there who share a similar background as me and hopefully can relate to my designs.

‘Melting Bauhinia’ tee - $30

Hong Kong represent!  Hong Kong is the city where I was born, and foreigners and locals alike love to refer to this city as the 852 (the international country dialing code).  GANGSTAAAAA!  On the surface, this tee looks to be giving props to Hong Kong.  But on a closer look, there is actually a hidden message behind the design.  The bauhinia is the 'state flower' and official insignia of Hong Kong and is displayed prominently on the Hong Kong flag.  I made the Bauhinia ‘melt’ as a symbolism to the decaying of the city.  There’s mad cash in Hong Kong, but that’s all this town runs on.  Culture, independent thinking, and creativity is tossed to the wayside.  Anything you can think of, such as education, entertainment, sports, arts…aside from a few exceptions, there’s just no platform for individuals to achieve anything on a grand scale.  There’s a general ‘dumbing down’ of the population and people don’t seem to be realizing it.  As a person born in this city I want to be proud of where I come from and really put Hong Kong on the map, and it breaks my heart that there isn’t much of a cultural soft power coming from this town than there should be.

‘Young & Dangerous’ tee - $30

This tee pays homage to one of the most popular movie franchises in the Hong Kong film industry.  ‘Young and Dangerous’ is a story of a group of friends coming up from being foot soldiers as teenagers to becoming top dogs in the Hong Kong Triad society.  It highlights the trials and tribulations of triad life, and the loyalty these friends have to each other.  This film spawned numerous sequels and spinoffs, and a lot of the actors have become superstars in their own right in the Hong Kong film industry.  At one point these films were blamed by parents and politicians as having a negative influence on Hong Kong youth and glorifying gangster life and violence, similar to what hip hop endured in the early 90s.  Very recently this ‘Young & Dangerous’ film franchise was rebooted, and it is TOTALLY WACK.  They stripped away everything that was core of the OG and replaced it with a bunch of talentless pretty boys who do not do their characters nor the story any justice.  Sigh…they don’t make Hong Kong movies like they used to.  So this is my tribute, as a massive fan of the original franchise, to the heart and soul of being ‘Young & Dangerous’.

‘Long Duk Dong’ tee - $30

I think we all know the representation of the Asian male, or lack thereof, in Hollywood.  Not only are there barely any Asian men on the silver screen, the ones that exist are either the Asian nerd stereotype or the kung fu action hero.  And what makes it worse, the Asian hero never gets any pussy!  This immediately brings to mind Jet Li in ‘Romeo Must Die’.  He defeats the rival gang all by himself, does housecleaning on his own clan and rids himself of the traitors, and STILL. GETS. NO. PUSSY.  Aaliyah is one fine female specimen, obviously digs Jet and in the end of the movie he doesn’t even get a fucking kiss.  All he gets is this super awkward embrace.  Come on bro.

The worst Asian stereotype in Hollyweird as far as I’m concerned has got to be Long Duk Dong from ‘Sixteen Candles’.  He is the typical nerdy Asian exchange student caricature with a heavy accent and stupid catchphrases.  And what’s with the sound of a gong everytime he shows up on the screen?  This tee is to flip the script on your average lazy Asian male caricature with the Donger giving the finger and giving a new meaning of being a ‘model minority’.


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