Pirate Play Date!

Hello everyone! 

Here is my pinterest board for this project, although this came after I did my first sketch. I chose most of the pins that I added to this board for the mood and the details that I would like to bring into my illustration.


I mostly work using traditional media (pencil and watercolours) and I want to bring my illustrations to the next level and add textures/backgrounds digitally.

Here is my first sketch of a little girl in oversized boots having a pretend pirate play date. I think I might bring the puddle further (add more water), or bring in some rain - have her hold an umbrella in one hand and a sword in the other. 


It's my first time using Illustrator so there was a bit of a stuggle in the beginning. Halfway through, I think I was finally able to get a hang of making shapes. I agree with Matt, that this was a bit of a bore in terms of the whole process. Here is an update on what I created in Illustrator - strarting from the shapes, to the silhouette, to the final colour fill. Now off to Photoshop for rendering!

After making hundreds of layer sequence changes in Photoshop, here is my updated illustration.

I've added textures from scanned paper to random doodles and decided the flag should be black to make the skull pop up more.

I felt like her skin tone was blending too much on the background so I changed to a brighter background. Here is my final project.

Thank you for viewing the progress of my Pirate Play Date project!


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