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Pirate Natalie

I have a character known as Natalie that I am continually trying to understand and get to know. She has quite the personality. She is a chambered Nautilus and is seeking to get to know herself as well. One challenge I am facing with this character is figuring out how to express emtions without the use of a mouth. I am aiming to fine-tune my skills in PS and AI to give her a more watercolor and hand drawn look. I want to achieve better lighting and more atmosphere to help create the mood that I might have trouble portraying in a character that does not have a mouth.

Here is my inspiration board:


Here are a couple of initial sketches. I find that I work much better with pencil and paper so I decided to go with a sketch that I did that way and will work from there:

I messed around a little before deciding on anything:

I've decided to continue with the above image and use my usual process of inking in the different part in physical layers before scanning each in and working in Illustrator. Here's me inking stuff in:


Here it is Inked before I begin to work on the vectors:

Here are my initial vector files. I am now importing to PSD:


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