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Pirate Lady

So I got to this class a little bit late but here I go!

So I started a Pinterest account for this. I had sworn I never would but after this class, i'm seeing some of the benefits! Here is my pinterest board. 



 I made two different boards that I went off of. I made a Character Design Board and a Fabric Board for when I got to clothes specifically.  

Here is my sketch. I did it in a schetchbook and then imported it (via iPhone camera). I think it transferred pretty well. 

And the traced in Photoshop.

And onto Illustrator. I realized after that I maybe made her a little complicated, so when I did the shapes in photoshop I had to simplify her a lot. Especially her face.

Her eyes came out a little creepy after blocking in the colors, but hopefully that will be fixed when I move on to the next step back in Photoshop.

So I brought it back into photoshop and started to render. Not sure how I feel about this so far. I feel like I might still have a lot of work to do.

Well, not sure how, but I lost the photoshop file that I saved of my character. So I had to finish it with the screenshot that I had taken. Here is the final project. I guess i'll have to do another project if I really want to go in depth with textures.


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