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Pirate Guy


I'm a bit late to the pirate party but finally managed to find a few spare minutes to have a think about a character for this project. I did initially think about just using one of the unused doodles haunting my sketchbooks, but instead decided to stick to the pirate theme and start something from scratch.

So, here's my initial sketch –

I liked the way he was looking so I did something I don't normally do, which is take it into Photoshop to refine it (normally I go from initial, very very rough sketch, straight into Illustrator, and work out the details as I go) – 

I'd be interested to see an any feedback on the two sketches. Personally I think it's lost a little of the energy and character (especially round the face) in the refined version. This may just be because I don't really use Photoshop so much at the moment – part of the reason I'm taking this course – especially not for painting/drawing, so I was probably a bit more tentative than I would be if I was using paper/pencil.

Here's a first pass at the basic shapes in Illustrator –

And the outine view for those that are interested in that type of thing – 

I haven't had a lot of time to work on this the last few days, but I have made a start on texturing him up, so a WIP shot is below, lots more to do though – 

I've been mega-busy but thought it was about time I tried o do some more on this project. I've done some more texturing, I think I'm probably going to leave it here for now. I may come back with fresh eyes in a week and decide to do more, we shall see.

After leaving it a while and coming back to the project I decided that he needed a bit more work, especially the feet/shoes, but I also went back into Illustrator and added a bit more detail to the base shapes and ended up making it more like my initial sketch rather than the refined version I had been using. 


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