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Pirate Gal

Welp, here it goes....


Pinterest board of Illustration Inspiration: www.pinterest.com/simplymaytastic/illustration-inspiration

I’m not very good at character development, so unfortunately the girl I drew doesn’t really have a background or a story. I sure need to work on character personality...but so far, she’s just a pirate chick hanging out, I guess, haha.

I can’t upload my sketches because, honestly, I lost my sketches (they're around here somewhere) and I’m not very good at keeping a sketchbook. When I do have time to sketch though, it’s either on a napkin, receipt or something that can be quickly stuffed into my pocket. Which usually leads to regrettable circumstances (missing sketches/ideas) because I draw on things that are easily disposable. Anwyay, here’s something I digitally doodled (does it still count?) on Illustrator.


THE COLORBLOCKING STAGE*******************

THE PHOTOSHOP/RENDERING PHASE**************************

Then I uploaded the layers to Photoshop and played around with colors and tried to give some of the shapes some definition.

THE TEXTURING PHASE*********************

Now trying to play with different brushes and textures which I could probably do all day. I am still working on it though but this is what I have so far...SOOOO...to be continued!

BTW thanks to Matt for a pretty cool class and for sharing your technique with all of us! I learned a lot!


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