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Pirate Duck

In case you're wondering why a duck? We had a flock of bossy ducks that loved to go on adventures. They would walk across the highway to visit homes and businesses in the area. The ironic part is if they turned left in our yard they would have ended up in a duck friendly swamp instead of splashing in a driveway puddle. We called them the girls and it became my job to herd them back home. Ducks don't herd well but they scatter nicely. I think the renegade girls would have enjoyed being pirates.


Here are 3 sketches of somewhat realistic ducks dressed as pirates. I tried something a little more cartoony and it felt a bit too similar to Donald Duck.

I tried a few variations of mustaches in Illustrator but they seem distracting, he also needs bigger feet.

What is a pirate captain without a crew and ship? I'll decide on arrangements and colors more when I view the Photoshop video.


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