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Mark Young

I'm a freelance illustrator based in the UK.



Pirate Character Illustration.

Hi, my name's Mark.  I'm a freelance illustrator based in the UK. I saw this class via Dribbble on Matt's page. I love Matt's artwork and style, so I jumped at doing it! 

Not sorted a Pinterest page yet (naughty me!) but here are my character designs. I had loads of fun with these and I may keep working on more in the future and give updates. 

I decided to go with the young boy in the barrel as I think he is cute. I do plan on finishing the pirate captain at a later date and will post once done. 

Here are my shapes with random colours made in Illustrator.

Picked a colour palette I liked.

Here is the finished version.


I loved doing this class. Thanks so much to Matt and please make more classes in the future! 


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