Pirate Captain Circe (I changed my mind XD)

New update

I think i finished her??haha It was fun creating this, i tried to pick a greenish background to get an ocean feel.

hope she looks okay

You can see her on my DA account here http://amandaramsey.deviantart.com/art/Pirate-Captain-Circe-424476045

So I started pianting over my lines. Its harder than I thought but I think its turning out alright so far.

Got the full base values down, now I just need to go over my lines and add a little bit more value.

Hello everyone!

So for this project I think im going to paint a battle mage, I have the sketch but im really unsure of it. She is going to be floating above the air controlling floating daggers.  There is something about it that I dont like. If this one does not work out then im going to paint a lady pirate.

Edit edit.

haha sooooo I changed my mind and went pirate instead. I need to work on the leg on the right and a few other things but for now im satisfied.

For this I used a default pose in daz studio as a reference. I didn't want to go too crazy with the pose this time, something simple and then work my way up.


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