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Hi everyone, Hi Mackey!

For my project I'm going to create the logo for a new business that my husband and I are setting up. 

Pinwheel Press is a bespoke wedding and party stationery company, all of our products are screen-printed by hand in the UK. I do all the design work and my other half does the printing and making. 

As we are using traditional equipment and techniques within the business I've started to look at traditional signage as an influence. Here is my collection of inspiration...

I've tried to find interesting Ps to refernece. Others I've chosen because of the nice relationship between letters.

I'm going to get sketching now...

Okay, so I've started sketching...

These are my favourite outcomes so far...

I'm going to sketch up all four, there's only 3 really as the only difference between the top two is the P.  Looking at them now on screen its clear to see that the P on the top two is a bit massive, so that needs to be altered a bit.

I really like how the bottom right one turned out, my only worry is it may look too vintage and stylised. 

I like the playfullness of the bottom right as well, this is going to be a hard decision, but hopefully it will be clearer when they're a bit more polished.

Any feedback would be much appreciated! 

Hello, here are the photos fo my progress today...

I then got really excited about this logo and went ahead and digitised it...

I'm pretty happy how it's turned out, I'd love any feedback or thoughts, I've spent ages starring at the screen now!



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