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'Pintuck Supply Co.' | Liz Welling - student project

Pintuck Supply Co. is an online shop coming out of Michigan that carries handmade pillows for the well curated home. Using natural textiles, Pintuck Supply is geared towards lovers of stripped-down simplicity and the well-crafted. (Set to launch Spring 2014!)

I'm a 25 year old earning my BFA, with a degree in Business Administration. Born and raised in the Great Lakes State, I've got a thing for the outdoors and life on the water. I started Pintuck after finding a lack of local choices for some handsome home goods.

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Heavily influenced by natural materials, naval artifacts, and the outdoors. I haven't dived into lettering just yet, but I'm definately digging following contours like the Stock & Barrel buffalo... or the Rotary Punch? YUM!

'Pintuck Supply Co.' | Liz Welling - image 1 - student project

'Pintuck Supply Co.' | Liz Welling - image 2 - student project


I'm starting sketches today, so I dived back in with more branding that's catching my eye. 

Visual Research | Identity

'Pintuck Supply Co.' | Liz Welling - image 3 - student project

'Pintuck Supply Co.' | Liz Welling - image 4 - student project

'Pintuck Supply Co.' | Liz Welling - image 5 - student project

Sketches | 1

My first round of sketches. Not fired up about any yet, will keep working (all of these were looking too 'cutesy,' and I'm wanting something a bit more strong and bare).

'Pintuck Supply Co.' | Liz Welling - image 6 - student project

Sketches | 2

'Pintuck Supply Co.' | Liz Welling - image 7 - student project

The newest label. Still need to mess with weights & placement... I'm toying with using the state of Michigan as an element. I would have loved it as the ground of the logo, but the lower peninsula of MI is quite vertical, so to go that route I'll be switching around some things. Will keep sketching! One of the 20" covers sits beside it in the photo -- I'll be using a tag: Going to test out a length of twill tape 1/4" wide threaded through heavy specialty cardstock as the label, and then band it around the pillow cover.

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