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Pinterest Inspiration Boards - student project

Hello all,


You can see my boards here:


I ended up adding more than ten theme boards - with some more scarce than others currently - but I decided to just go with the flow & whatever themes came organically. 


For styles and mediums, I have eight different categories I'll be using. First are the mediums I'm interested in: watercolor, pencil, digital, and oil. I'm also creating four categories for major styles that influenced me growing up: anime/manga, comics, Disney, and Studio Ghibli. Disney and Ghibli both obviously fall under the umbrella of animation, but their respective styles are iconic and influential enough to stand on their own.


Additionally, I have my elements boards but for the most part there's not a lot there at the moment. I've just started art, so I expect those will fill out as I learn the fundamentals more. After that is some boards with particular artists I'm into (whether for subject, style, color, etc) and a section for references (poses and portraits at the moment).


Pinterest Inspiration Boards - image 1 - student project


Pinterest Inspiration Boards - image 2 - student project


Just someone trying to learn how to art.