Pintachan: Lucky Day

Pintachan: Lucky Day - student project

Pintachan: Lucky Day - image 1 - student project

Having trouble with some curves (like in the hand), but overall it's shaping up!  There's got to be a better way to get the bend of those fingers without adding a point to the "joint".  Also, the gradient in the shirt is awful, but I haven't watched the textures tutorial yet so it's a placeholder.

Pintachan: Lucky Day - image 2 - student project

Figured out how to make a weighted stroke (lines of the nose)'s probably in the video tutorial but I haven't come across it yet.  Hoping to get all the shapes done soon so I can start playing around with textures.

Pintachan: Lucky Day - image 3 - student project

Ugh!  So I found this beautiful, not-really "ad" by Pablo Pintachan...and I am not doing him justice!  Cannot get used to the Bezier curves and keep dragging my paths all over the place.  I am behind on this project, but hope to have at least some of the background done in time for a peer review.  I am having trouble manipulating the anchor handles without dragging the anchors out of place.  Also put every single shape so far on a new layer, which I am now realizing I don't need to do because unlike Photoshop, the shapes stay separate from each other and can be sleceted and altered at will.  I want to blame this hot humid weather for my frustrated mood, but I think the Pen Tool is also slightly to blame...:(