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Christopher Mathews

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Pinocchio – Tom Whalen Original

I absolutely admite Tom Whalen and all of his posters. If I could, I'd line my entertainment room with them. So naturally, I thought I'd learn from the best and attempt to recreate one of his designs. I chose one of his more simple designs which also features one of my favorite disney characters – Pinocchio.

Please go visit his site:

I do now own, nor am I affiliated with, Disney properties or Tom Whalen – just an admirer wanting to learn some new techinques. :)

I simplified the elements to really focus on the elements of this class. I worked with text, shapes, colors, and hand drawing.

Overall, I'm very happy with how this turned out. But, as always, there's still quite a bit to learn!

Here's Tom Whalen's original:

Here's my recreation (simplified):


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