Pink Martini

Pink Martini - student project

About this Band

Pink Martini's music consists of beautiful, easy-to-listen, and wish for love and peace. Their music is inspired by music from all over the world. Their songs are catchy and yet each song is very unique and filled with love and emotion. Thomas Lauderdale is the founder and his interview shows his passion and why people love the band very much.  

My project: To Make a poster for an upcoming consert at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles (July 19-21, 2013) 

My InspirationTheir website, posters and album covers show their style to be pretty illustrating. Pink Martini - image 1 - student project

These two posters belows are more photographic but I love the usage of color...

Pink Martini - image 2 - student projectPink Martini - image 3 - student project

Below, these are album covers of other bands that are inspirations for my initial poster designs. They are well illustrated and contain lively color. 

Pink Martini - image 4 - student projectPink Martini - image 5 - student project

My Initial Poster Ideas: Not only try to go with the band's style, but also making an illustrative poster is challenging for me. So I choose to make an illustrative poster for this project. 

My Initial Sketch 

- Pink Martini's core value is Romantic and passionate about love and life. I incorportad the consert site which is Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. 


Pink Martini - image 6 - student project


 Pink Martini - image 7 - student project


Pink Martini - image 8 - student project

At this point, I cannot decide which one to stick to... I would really appreciate if you could give me any feedback on my sketches. Thank you very much! 

Seiko Itakura

Learning and Freelancing Graphic Design