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Jeannie Hunt

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Pink Flowers

Wow. I have learned so much already. Loved learning the process and getting to know the tools better. 

Here is my pattern taped, before the first edits...  As you can see, I did my original drawing on sketchbook paper, so the maskiing tape on the back left a pale yellow glow along the taped crosshairs. I got to try the nifty new trick of using the white eyedropper on the levels box.


I forgot to save a copy after the offset process but some of the leaves and flowers had to be adjusted. To clean them up I used mostly the stamping tool, and also the eyedropper with brush. When I tried to tile it at 50%, there were a few funny white spaces in the background, so I added a few extra leaves to fill up the holes. Here is the final pattern after the clean up.


and here it is tiled. For a first try, I'm pretty pleased.



This was fun. It was great to learn so many adjustments. I'm working with PS Elements 6, so somthings looked a bit different, but I found what I needed. Here are my four colorways. I wasn't sure how to save them so I just duplicated the image 4 times and then deleted the layers on each duplicate, leaving me one of each.

colorway 1 (pale yellow background)


colorway 2 (adjust hue and saturation turning flowers brick red, then added pale peach background)


colorway 3 (black background and increased saturation on flowers)  I can see a few spots of white that I still need to clean up.


colorway 4 (used watercolor filter and something call "water". Then pale green background.)






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