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Shavonne Yu

余蔚渟 / Vancity / 19



Pining for Pins

So, I have a bit of a pin obsession. Aside from the box of a hundred bins sitting in a dusty desk drawer, this is what I carry to school with me each day:


So yes. PINS!

I've made buttons before, and those are great, but I love the bright colours and unique shapes of enamel pins.  Bit pricier though, and a lil' more than the broke college kid can handle. But I digress.

What better place to find inspiration for pins then on PINterest? 
Basically all my art inspiration comes from real life or pinterest, so this process was quite familiar.





As you might have noticed, my favourite colour is turquoise. I also like cats, space, and geometric patterns!

I think my favourite apple metal pin is this one:


The colours are gr8. (See what I did there?)

Sketches to come.


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