Piney Doodle

Piney Doodle - student project

11FEB Intrigued with the idea of creating a scarf, and I’m super excited about what I’m  learning in Procreate.  So I set out to apply these new skills into "art that could be worn."  And, well, it’s really fun too ;) Piney Doodle - image 1 - student projectPiney Doodle - image 2 - student projectPiney Doodle - image 3 - student projectI think there is beauty in pine needles.  I love how they are both fluffy and spiky. This doodle was inspired by a photo I took while sitting in a parking lot.  

The projects I’ve been submitting tonseveral classes overlap, pulling knowledge, ideas, and inspiration from several classes here on Skillshare. 1. Fundamentals of Procreate with Peggy Dean. 2. Finding Your Creative Style: An Exploration Through Floral Techniques, again with Peggy Dean—yeah, no flowers here  What can I say?    3. Teach Yourself  to Draw Anything: A Step-By-Step Process, with Haden Aube. 4. Illustration and  Inspiration: Keeping a Sketchbook with Leah Goren.  All available on Skillshare.  Honestly, I’ve learned more here than in some college classes.  I can’t believe the incredible wealth of knowledge that is so wonderfully available here on Skillshare. 



Piney Doodle - image 4 - student project

I still can’t nail the peony I set out to learn to draw, paint, illustrate.  They are one of my favorite flowers.  They’re so lacy and frilly and sweet smelling, yet they
are hardy as heck, able to flourish in the short growing season and the 6’-10’ of snow we get every year here in the foothills of the Rockies.  And the deer here won’t eat them.  Peonies a wonderful creation of contradictions.