Mark Anthony Brewer

"Do or Do Not, There is no Try"



Pin-Ups Vs Zombies a Graphic Adult Coloring Book w/Nudity & Gore


Hi my name is Mark Anthony Brewer, and my pen name is Brewtanius. I have released several adult coloring books on Amazon, and I'm working on several more. After taking a hard look at the Adult Coloring market, I quickly realized that men were almost completely overlooked. It got me to thinking... What would I want to color? What do I feel would be stress relieving to color? And is my idea worth moving forward with? I felt getting the answers to these questions would be easy to figure out, if I could just get some sort of survey together. I also run 2 online businesses already so I have a Robust Social Media Network. I used them to see if I had a good idea, and I got a amazing response. So I went to work and have completed my Graphic Adult Coloring Book. Now I need to figure out how to properly market it, and put the book in front of the people who need to see it. Its been out for 3 days, and sales aren't great. Can you help?


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