Pin Pin

Pin Pin - student project

For inspiration, I found that I was mostly drawn to the black or white enamel with gold metal.  I like the shiny appearance.  I also tend to like the hand drawn nature of some of the pins.

Pin Pin - image 1 - student project

My favorite apple metal pin here catches my eye with color and contrast particularly in stark geometric patterns.  I like the contrast of the white and the color.

Pin Pin - image 2 - student project

Some rough sketches of thoughts for things I wanted to consider arranging in my pin.

Pin Pin - image 3 - student project

Working some of the ideas out with the pin tool in illustrator:

Pin Pin - image 4 - student project


Pin Pin - image 5 - student project

Pin Pin - image 6 - student project

I wanted to put all of the themes onto the pin and liked the arrangement and concept but I realized that I wanted the pin to be 1” and the details would be lost or not possible to manufacture.

Pin Pin - image 7 - student project

So I simplified and colored using the idea of the raised gold metal with black and white paint for these 1" pins.

Pin Pin - image 8 - student project


Pin Pin - image 9 - student project


Pin Pin - image 10 - student project


Pin Pin - image 11 - student project