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Pin Design and Practice

Upon completing the video lectures for The Pen Tool: Design A Pin, I will begin submitting work.  Please forgive any sloppines, this is my first workshop and I am unfamiliar with Skillshare's controls.

Phase one.  Pin references and Apple Metal Pin

My chosen Apple Metal Pin.


I am a fan of this pin primarily for two reasons.  The first is that it is interesting and does not become boring - it is an optical illusion after all.  The second is that it reminds me of Bishmuth, which is a fascinating substance.

Following are my chosen reference pictures.




I chose all of these for their interesting design or clarity of meaning.  I am most a fan of the third pin, the star with the American flag.  I think its a very beautiful design.  Colourful (Obviously, its the colours of the flag), but still simple in design.  With plenty of straight lines and curvy shapes to break it up.

Phase Two: Preliminary Sketchwork

After some debate, I decided to design pins for my current project - designing the graphics for a card game call Flipology.  I did some very crude sketches since I already had the graphics I'd be using.  I'll include those reference graphics.



The dog is very prominent for the game so I designed one of the pins using the card graphic.


Pase Three: Finished Design

Here are my final designs.


For the dog graphic, I've been leaning towards either the top or bottom graphic.  I like the white lines, but I feel that perhaps I should use the darker shade from the original graphic so it'd pop more.  I like the bottom graphic since I feel that it pops fairly well.

For the Flipology logo, the top graphic is my favorite.  Its the default graphic, I just removed one part of it.  However, its five colours.  The creator of the game nearly cried when I suggested four colours for the game's logo.  But I really liked having the two colours for the graphic.  It gave it a sense of depth.  The second graphic would probably look fine with the white lines raised.

Final Design Edit:

Taking Jon Brommet's suggestions into mind, I played with the line thickness and sizing a bit.  I have to admit, I completely forgot to check the size of the graphics.  I knew the graphics were already on the small side since they were designed for standard playing cards.  But I forgot to account for a pin size.  The following are less than one inch tall.  The Dog is one inch wide while the Flipology logo is just over an iinch.  As it was, Flipology was losing itself so I couldn't make it any smaller.  I also played with the fill for the dog to see if the white lines looked any better with the darker colour.


While the darker colour does look better with the white lines, the bottom dog is still my favorite.  I cleaned him up slightly.  I removed the detail from his paws and the bottom outline of his snout.  I also rounded the corners more.  The lighter colour looks much better with the black lines too.

Frankly, I think the Flipology design needs to be scrapped.  I'll need to rethink it more and see if I can come up with anything better.  I always scrap my first idea and then rebuild it better later.  I'm happy to say that I can and will find a way to make it work.

The Dog, however, I'm very pleased with.  And that doesn't happen often with me.  To this day, I stare at his imperfections from when I originally made the graphic.  They haunt me.


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