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Pimp my Pad

Bookshelf Before and After
I felt that all of the pictures on top looked cluttered so I relocated them. I also got rid of a few of the items stored on these shelves and took them to Goodwill. By doing this I was abe to move the red box to the top and make some breathing room in the cubbies. I was also able to do some more accessorizing.
Sofa and Coffee Table Before and After
Needs: seating, storage
Color: browns and greens as neutrals accented with reds/oranges and some black and white
Pattern: animal print, wood grain, color blocking on blanket and subtle pattern on sofa
Texture: fur, wood, glass, rattan baskets, chenille
Shape: rectangular table, square pillows & books, round bowl, cylindrical candles & organic shaped bowl
Placement: power of threes with candles and three groupings on table and three pillows
Bling: glass bowl
Botanicals: fruit and air plant in bowl
8 Principles of Interior Styling
This picture is a great representation of the principles of interior styling. 
Needs: a place to sit and tables to set drinks
Shape: LIPS!!
Color: various shades of pink accented with black and gold
Texture: suede couch with metals and textiles
Pattern: animal prints mixed with solids
Placement: no collections, but items are arranged in symmetry in groups of 3's
Bling: metallic accents include sconces, end tables, and trim/curtain in far left of photo
Botanicals: vase of flowers on end table
My Key Areas
Sofa and Coffee Table


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