Pilus Energy Presents: Turning dirt into gold!

Pilus Energy is converging existing and new technologies into an innovative electrogenic bioreactor (EBR) powered by Bacterial Robotics

We can turn crap into electricity in about 3 steps, yeah you're gonna want to read this...

With all of the media attention on preserving the global environment, there is one huge problem that gets little attention: the rapid build up of waste-water.

The situation is bad now and will continue to get worse, as a direct result of the continued, unprecedented rise in global population. To put it in perspective, in 1800 the world reached 1 billion people. Today we are 7.1 billion and the United Nations expects that figure to rise to nearly 10 Billion by 2050.

Right now, not only is our fresh water supply in jeopardy, but we also generate an astounding amount of waste-water every year. Around the globe, wastewater treatment systems struggle to keep pace and ironically often operate based on the premise that “dilution is the solution.” As a result, massive amounts of fresh water is “wasted” trying to deal with the waste.

Here at Pilus Energy, we have a better idea. Why not take what we now think of as "waste", and turn it into a renewable source of energy, while also generating water for irrigation, and valuable biogases? Our patented technology can tap into the estimated 1100 Terawatt hours of energy stored in waste molecules found in municipal sewage, manure slurry from concentrated animal feedlot operations (CAFOs), stick water from animal rendering plants (Google at your own risk…), and Hydrogen Sulfide rich beer brewing wastewater, among others. As a company with domestic and international expertise and a commercial scale pilot currently planned with the Environmental Protection Agency's outpost in Cincinnati, OH, we can help bring this technology around the globe by licensing our “wetware” (intellectual property/synthetic biology expertise) and selling our consumable “hardware” (Genetic Rights Management keys).

We can clearly help heavy polluters and developed economies, but we can also provide rural communities the opportunity to gain value from their waste. In turn helping them steer economic development away from harmful activities like poaching endangered species, deforestation, or drugs. In addition, we can provide cities the opportunity to reduce their wastewater handling expense (as well as the freshwater used during treatment), meanwhile creating their own renewable source of fossil-fuel-free energy, plus valuable chemicals that can be processed into renewable products.

Awesome infographic showing how this whole thing works - Graphic design by Michael Kozlowski

Awesome infographic showing how this whole thing works - Graphic design by Michael Kozlowski

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How we'll use the money

Our initial goal is $75k. If we can achieve that amount, we can hire engineers to scale up our prototype at the EPA's Testing and Evaluation facility in Cincinnati. This phase will allow us to build a larger prototype (helping us to work out the kinks involved with scaling a new technology) and yield important data concerning how the BactoBots perform using different wastewater feedstocks.

Stretch goal: $400k. Once we've successfully demonstrated and tested the technology at "skid scale", we will build and install a commercial scale pilot at the Municipal Sewer District of Cincinnati's wastewater treatment plant. This will show the technology is viable at commercial scale and we believe it will open the floodgates to the plethora of potential customers that have told us to come back when we have completed a pilot.

What you'll get in return

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About the team

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If you need a little inspiration in your life

One of the themes of this technology is that it will enable the empowerment of local economies. It is about enabling people to believe they can save the world themselves. But some people don't even need to be empowered, they just need the right tools, and the opportunity to take their fate into their own hands. Those are the people we are counting on to change the world with this technology. People like the women in this video. Or the children in this one. If you're still not inspired maybe Justin Hall-TippingCharlie Chaplin, or Fahad Al-Attiya can light a fire for you.

Also, check out our draft BactoBot comic script

If you want to know more...

Whether you are a potential investor wanting to engage in due diligence or a scientist interested in helping to improve the technology we'd be happy to discuss providing more info such as pro forma financials and whitepapers explaining the science. Please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment on this page or sending a message to [email protected]


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My name is Cody Harrison. I am an entrepreneur intent on solving some of the world's problems. I believe Pilus Energy's idea can strike right at the heart of the water and energy problems people of this planet suffer so much from. THEN COPY SOME FROM ORIGINAL

We are setting out to commercialize a new technology that has great potential to remove contaminants and pathogens from water, while producing H2O, electricity, and valuable biogases. In order to bring this fully to market we must scale up our protoype and optimize the operation of the hardware. What this means is utilizing the EPA's Testing & Evaluation facility to test the system under different temperatures and pHs, testing it for gas, water, and electricity production, testing how well the bacteria grow on various substrates etc. etc. Sometimes these sorts of steps seem tedious, but we have high hopes that our Bots are going to perform superbly. After 10 months of this we believe we will be prepared to engage in a full scale commercial pilot, likely at the Municipal Sewer District of Cincinnati's wastewater treatment plant.

People should care about this because the water and energy problems are global issues. Worst case scenarios for each include war, famine, increased poverty and disease, mass migrations, the list goes on... But best case scenarios are as wonderful as that is horrifying. If we harness technology humanely for the restoration and then preservation of the natural environment and humankind we can achieve anything. Every person on this planet could live like a king and we wouldn't have to destroy the environment doing it.

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