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Since I recently graduated from college, and haven't been able to find a job at a graphic design firm, I've done freelance. Rather then just do freelance work under my given name I decided to use the name Pilotti Creative. The freelance job I've done thus far was designing a logo. However, I would like to also do print work as well. Even after I find a job at a graphic design firm, I would still like to do freelance work on the side, hence the reason why I've decided to make a logo.

The demographic of clients:

Age: late 20s - 60s

gender: both, but more towards woman

education level: some college

income level: $60,000 +

locale: California Bay Area

Swipe - Concept 


Swipe - typography  


Swipe - composition 


Swipe - Color


Swipe - icons 


update: 1/9/14

Was finally able to work on some logos. The logos below I created this week. I had some others that I did a while ago but I could find them.

update 1/24/14

here are some more sketches of my logo. And I forgot to mention with my last update, I'm planning on using century gothic font for any plain text.

After looking at all of them I've decided to digitally render numbers: 6,18,23,& 25. If there are any other that you would like to see digitally rendered let me know.

Update: 2/2/14

Here are vector drawings of the logos I decided to do. I also did number 16. I had a difficult time between live trace and the pen tool. I've also decided to keep my logos black and white until I decide on one logo.

After making all of these when I looked at them on the computer I didn't like #16. I then printed out numbers: 6,18,23 & 25 to compare them side by side. On number 6 I decided that I didn't like the interwining letters and the way the text is broken up between the top & bottom of the image.  

So once I eliminated 6. I felt my eye gravitating towards number 23, however,  I felt I should play around with the placement of the butterfly.

Update: 2/6/14

So I still haven't been able to decide where I wanted to place the butterfly in my logo but I'm now trying to chose between two different placements.

In the mean time I've played around with " Pilotti Creative" using the following fonts: Century Gothic ( the original font I used), Didot ( #2 & 3), Oswald light ( #4&5), Helvetica( #6&7), Futura medium (#8&9), Euphemia UCAS (#10&11), Goudy Old Style (#12&13), and Optima regular (#14&15).

When I was playing around with fonts I found that " Pilotti Creative" being in all caps took away from the p and the butterfly in every font I tried so I decided to just show  all lower case and first letter upper case with other letters lower case below.

Update: 2/11/14

 I played around with a number color palettes but ended up going with a color palette below. I found this palette in the horizon line of the " sunset palette" in my color swipe.

Also I went back to look at the the butterfly placement variations, from my 2/2/14 update and realized that Iliked number five the best. And when I looked at the different fonts, from my last update, I decided that I like the case style and font of number 4 the best.

So here is my final logo.

Update: 3/1/14

So I went back and reconcidered different fonts for the typography and decided that I would go with Zapfino, since it's one of my favorite fonts. So here is what it looks like now.


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