Anna Day

Calligrapher & Designer



Pilot Parallel Pen Organic Motifs

Practice exercises:



Organic motifs:

I filled the 6 mm pen cartridge with fairly dilute Neutral Tint watercolour, then dipped it in Dr Ph Martin’s Hydrus Cobalt Violet, and sometimes included a bit of Hydrus Crinacridone Magenta to soften the colour.

I filled the 3.8 mm pen cartridge with walnut ink mixed from crystals, and sometimes also dipped the pen in walnut ink.

The paper is Arches Hot Pressed watercolour paper.



The gold in the following drawing is Finetec Inca Gold, applied with a small brush while the walnut ink was still wet.


Here I used Dr Ph Martin’s Bombay White India Ink on a black greeting card. I did not put any of the white ink in the pen, but slightly diluted a little on my palette and dipped the nib and/or filled it with a brush. The white looked rather patchy, so after the drawing dried, I went over each pen stroke with a brush to make it more opaque.



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