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Pigneto, Rome

So this is my neighborhood Pigneto in Rome, Italy. It's right beyond the old Aurelian walls, a crossroad where ex-slaves who purchased their freedom went to settle and become the new middle class (back in the old/ancient days). It's still a melting pot of different cultures, street art/food, and indie anything. a gritty 'hip' place as Airbnb puts it.

I went on a walkabout this morning and all these shots are from that walk. A lot of the pictures I see of this neighborhood seem very endearing and appeal only to the cooler aspects of Pigneto. I wanted to explore more of the contrast - the bright and the dark side by side, the commonplace that is also strange/alien or foreboding.

Uploading these pictures a bit everyday (hate to flood my IG feed) but you can find my stuff at


Thanks for a great class. fun to see everyone's neighborhood stories and explorations. would love to do this more often. :)


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