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Piggy Goes Truffle Hunting

Updated story, and rough boards for the beginning. Farmer's wife is no longer in the story. Would love to hear comments and suggestions!

Then the farmer runs in, pauses as he looks for his pig and makes a frustrated gesture, then runs off screen left. 

Cut to rear shot of pig digging and eating truffles, then farmer runs in. They wrestle, pig wins and looks smug. Farmer is angry and leaves pig in the woods. (He sells truffles at the market to make a living, not sure how to convey this w/o words. 

Pig continues to gorge himself on truffles, happy that he doesn't have to fight anyone for them anymore. But as night falls and he is stuffed, he feels miserable instead of happy. Eventually he realizes that eating his fill of truffles won't make him happy; he misses the companionship and love of the farmer. He brings back a sack full of truffles at sunrise, just in time to make it to market.

Please tell me what you guys think!


A farmer and his pregnant wife live in the French countryside near the woods. One day the wife craves truffles, so the farmer takes his pig out to the woods to find truffles. The pig is rather feisty; he is bored with the food he is fed, so he is excited to go truffle hunting, but wants to eat all the truffles. 

I think I want to make the pig the protagonist, and he learns to share instead of being selfish. At the climax, the farmer reminds the pig of all the times the wife was kind to him, and the pig agrees to share the truffles. 

I feel like there needs to be a more compelling reason why the wife needs to have her truffles; any ideas on this part of the story? Or suggestions/comments on the rest of the story? 

Bored pig drawings: 

Pig sees truffles: 

Farmer wrestles pig for truffles: 

Model sheet for farmer and wife: 

Will try to have more parts of the story up soon! I want to go into storyboarding for animated films, so that's the format I'll be working in.


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