Pig Tile Jumping

Pig Tile Jumping - student project

Here is my game idea, given my handwriting is quite poor I'll re-write it.

Pig Tile Jumping - image 1 - student project

Idea: Tiles aligned in a grid that is removed when a piece is moved over the tile. The player/s are responsible for blocking the other's movement. The pieces are not allowed to land on the space or jump over a tile taken by another piece.

Mechanics: Cab jump one space (over another tile); simply move in an omindirectional, must move in a striaght line.

Pieces: 2 pigs figures, tile (8 x 8) grid

Pig Tile Jumping - image 2 - student project

Working Title: Pig over Tiles; Pigs, tiles, strategy, jumping, limited movement

Emotional Exprience: Thoughful, lighthearted, slow paced.

Game Style: Quick to learn simple strategy game, colourful and bright.

Overview Game Description: A board of 8x8 grid tiles that are removed when the player or another piece is jumped over then. The objective is to jump over a fallen tile or another piece. When one piece cannot move a winner is declared.

Pig Tile Jumping - image 3 - student project

This game is unique because: It's a sping on draughts as it's not about taking pieces but about blocking movement.

People would enjoy this game because: A simple to understand game that could develop layers of depth with additional movement patterns.

Other games with some similarities: Draughts, Forbidden Island (Tile removal is similar)

This game will be:-

- Short: 7

- Strategy: 8

- Easy: 9

- Simple: 5

- Stationary: 9

- Interactive: 9

- Kid Friendly: 6

- Light-heated: 7

- Friendly: 7