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Zach Stuck

Founder of Pif Clothing Co.



Pif (Pay It Forward) Clothing Co.

Pif Clothing Co.

Slogan: Paying It Forward

Mission Statement: Pif Clothing Co. is a for profit business which provides american-made clothing and for each item sold Pif Clothing Co. donates the same quality items to children who can truly benefit from them.

Wordmark Logo:

Icon Logo: The logo represent giving and recieving, which is what our mission is all about.

About Pif Clothing Co...

My name is Zach Stuck and I am a 20-year-old college marketing student and the sole founder of Pif Clothing Co., which I launched in January of 2013.

We are 100% Made in America Clothing – Manufactured in America garments, custom logo tags made in Florida, high quality screen-printed in Wisconsin, sewing done local. (Benefits national, state, and local economies).

For each item sold, Pif Clothing Co. donates the same quality/same design product to children who can truly benefit from it. All donating up to this point has been through multiple Boys & Girls Clubs in Wisconsin. Pif donates on somewhat of a quarterly basis (February/March, May/June, August/September, November/December).

Pif Clothing Co. Summer Lookbook Video <<< Watch

The Process 

I cant even start to explain how much work/time/sweat its taken to get to where I am now. Its been just over 6 months sense I launched Pif Clothing Co. to the public and I've already learned so much! I can not even come close to taking all the credit myself though, I have had a lot of caring induviduals who have all contributed their time and thoughts into my business. I have had huge help from my print shop, to other clothing line owners, to wholesale comanies who are willing to help me learn more about the industry. I truly belive in the Pay It Forward movement.. being on the recieving and the giving end of this movement has formed where my brand is today. 



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