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Pieces of my Town

This was very new and exciting for me going out and taking pictures isn't something I had done before. I mostly create images in 3D space and soon learnt that part of being a good 3D artist would require being a good photographer. So that's a bit about my inspirations for this class.

Project 1

I don't have access to a DSLR camera yet, so I had to use my cellphone.

The location of this shoot was at out local town dam with a few valdalized and abandoned buildings, which I thought could be home to a few great shots.

While I was walking to the dam I came across this tree covered in ivy leaves. I thought it would be great to use it as a distinct forground-background image and also make good use of the thirds rule.

Sleeve of Ivy

This next image I came across a manhole with quite a wierd looking cover and thought it will make a great abstract image while making use of the thirds rule. The heart brings a change in pattern which helps to bring emphasis to it apart from it sitting on a Thirds vertice.

Updates: Added more blur to unnecesary parts of the image. To bring focus to the focal point more.


There are a lot of hollowed out windows  with just a plain frame and sill. This frame caught my eye due to its broken board and interesting pattern on the wood. Luckly for me there was a tree hanging around it originally distracted my eye from the frame and after some cropping I think it directs the eye now rather than draws it.

Updates: Cropped the image to abstract it.


I eventually found an oppertunity for a "frame within a frame" shot. The attempted  concrete repair work leading to the bottom of the window looked very interesting I thought it would help direct the eye even more.    It is winter here so the grass is very straw like.

Hard Times

For the final image I was on my way home and noticed these set of trees. One was a bit lighter than the rest( I exaggerated it in post pro) and used that as my focal point. I thought it would make a great background/foreground image.

Odd One Out

Did my best to try and follow the principles of the video and make use of the tips, had great fun with this :)

Project 2 - Geometry and Lines

This was an interesting project it challenged me to think differently and see things differently. I have not been able to get out that much so some of  the images were created in a 3d software.

-Leading Lines


As far back as I can remember I have always loved walking under trees and admiring the view from below. I wanted to use the bark of the tree as my leading lines to replicate looking up at the tree and seeing all the amazing shapes and distortions of the branches.

Vertical lines

Unnatural Occurance 

One of a few 3D created images. Went for repeated verticals and placing a different  shape amidst the lines. I think it draws attention to the subject and makes the image interesting.

Horizontal Lines


Another 3D image.The horizontal lines started out as shadows and through post processing that feel pritty much went away and gave a strong linear background which I think balances nicely with the bouquet of flowers.

Diagonal / Lines


I quiet like flowers, which im sure it quiet evident now :). I went a bit different on this one in "Unnatural Occurance" the vertical lines of the planks are followed by the lines created by the petals. In this one a criss cross of the two diagonals I think made the image look very interesting.

Placing the flowers along the Sinister diagonal and using the planks as the Reciprocal I placed the trio of petals on the Eye and I think the intersection of the two stopped the diagonals from leading the eye away from the image but rather into the focal point along with the blur.



Again 3D. I wanted to create something that played with perspective. After a couple of ideas I came up with this one. At first glance it looks like it has depth to it but looking closer you see its a a bunch of planks. I think this creates interest in the image as your curious for a moment of what it is.

After going crazy and experimenting with lines and different ideas I learnt that sometimes simplifying can make all the difference. This project challenged me and I had fun doing it.


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