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Pie pattern

Tossed layout, but I am still not happy with it... I think there is too much going on. I need to experiment with this pattern. Any suggestions? Tips? Comments?

And some additional lemons pattern :)to go with it :)

More of step 4:

Step 4. continued. I feel hungry now :)

Step 4. October 22. Vectorizing and coloring

I am having some delay, but, nevertheless, still working on the project. Today, I started coloring shapes, which I redrew with pen tool. I am sure I will add some texture, but here is the first draft of lemons:

Step 3. October 8. Drawings

I guess I will not be ready with my pattern for the contest, but I would like to finish the project anyway! Here are my initial sketches, which I scanned. I like the idea of pie time with a cup of tea. I decided to go into this direction with my concept. Disregard the ice cream drawings, it was for other pattern I am workign on at the same time following Majo's great tutorials :).

Step 2. October 4. Moodboard

While searching for images for my moodboard, I was strongly drawn to yellow and blue fruits, so I might go in this direction in terms of color. The limes and blueberries are fun, too! I like the idea of enjoying a piece of pie with a cup of tea.  Now it's time to start sketching!

Step1. October 4. Brainstorming

The brainstorming process was very helpful. However I am still unsure about the final concept.  I think making a moodboard will help to narrow down some ideas.


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