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Pie Challenge

I love that MaJo challenged us to do the pie contest using all we learned in  her class!  

For me, pie has always been a comfort food.  Something a bit old fashioned that my Grandmother used to make. YUM!  She made the best pies. That got me thinking about the things in her kitchen.  Those tablecloths from the 50's that I happily inherited, her pretty Corningware, the cheerful colors.  Pie birds!  Oh how I love silly, cheerful, pretty pie birds!

Here's my word cloud to give you an idea my thought process about this:

From here I looked for images to get me started and inspire me.  Here are a few that captured the mood I was after:

So here is my 'almost' final design.  I tweaked the color a bit before I uploaded it to Spoonflower, but now illustrator is not letting me export the new color.  

And here's the link to it on Spoonflower:




First Project

This was my first try.  Wow, I made this image smaller in picmonkey and they totally brightened the flowers!  They are not quite this bright in Illustrator!

I'm brand spanking new to Illustrator and didn't get all set up until the very end of class, so I'm bummed I missed the live part of class, but still I've enjoyed seeing everyone's amazing work and I'm so thankful to have wonderful Majo's expertice and the videos to watch again and again.  I set out to sketch some flowers and was planning to add a bright abstract sun image, but so far, that hasn't appeared...we'll see where that goes!  First I'm just learning to vectorize my sketches and add color and manipulate them a bit. 

Tomorrow I will work on learning how to do the repeats!

And this was my second try:

I love that you can change colors with the click of the pen!  

Okay...I know the class is long over, but I just wanted to post because I did finally get to t he repeats part.  Here's my Zinnia and butterfly repeat!


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