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Olumide Y.

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Pidgin English Co.

Hi, My name is Olumide and I am creating a brand called Pidgin English Co.

  • Brief answer to the question "What's my story?"
  • The brand was birthed out of a need to fill a void for many youth and young adults in the African diaspora. I want to give men of the African diaspora more options that allow them to express their culture through present day fashions. Aside from the brand name itself, I hope to show that the African diaspora is vast, vibrant and beautiful. Something to be proud of and shared with all of those that are unfamiliar with the different cultures that make Africa great.

    “Pidgin English was the lingua franca, or language of commerce, spoken along the West African coast during the period of the Atlantic slave trade. British slave merchants and local African traders developed this language in the coastal areas in order to facilitate their commercial exchanges”. Pidgin English is now used amongst many African and Caribbean nations as a native form of communication.
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  • Instagram allows you to share you story through photos. I believe this picture embodys the spirit of the brand. I want the brand to represent culture through the designs and also show the fun and creativity of the brand through using intersting props such as a balloon. I wanted this picture to also speak to the child like nature that we should have and blieve that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.
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