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Finished Project: 

Hi.  My name's Jane Marie.  I'm 25.  I mostly paint, but I've been finding lately that my work seems flat. So I hope I can master the use of light to bring my work to the next level.   Feel free to check out a small portion of my work on fine art america :

I want to do something simple to start, so I decided against a portrait.   Here's my final idea sketch.  It's very rough, and I'll be using black not purple for my darkest value.

  More coming soon! 

Next step:

Color Added:

I'm frustrated that I can't take a good picture of this.  Anyway, from what you can see of the picture what do you guys think?  Any recomendations?  I'm wondering if I've got the grasp of the technique or if maybe I'm being too heavy handed? 


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