Picture Perfect Mimi

Picture Perfect Mimi - student project
The world of Children’s books and publishing is rapidly changing. Many children are now read to from tablets. As someone who studied children’s book and now works at a company that develops apps We would like to make an interactive children’s book. That will feature a story and several mini games. For the purposes of this class we plan to create one of the mini games associated with the story. 

The story follows Mimi the fox. She is a kindergartener about to have her first picture day. Mimi has prepared everything for the perfect picture day picture. She has the perfect outfit and hair, but wait she forgot to prepare the perfect smile …

The mini game that we would like to create is a dress up doll app for Mimi. The user will be able to drag and drop different outfits and accessories to create Mimi’s perfect picture day outfit.


Picture Perfect Mimi - image 1 - student project