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Picture Book Author And Illustrator Portfolio Site

Project Journal

August 23rd

Okay I have decided to be brave and document my project.  I'm going to rebrand my old portfolio website into an aspiring children's picture book author and illustrator portfolio.  Here is an image of the hierachy of the content I want to include:

Next up the grid layout!

August 24th

First attempt at layout using the grid in Moqups, will definitely have another go as I don't think this is quite right;

August 27th

Second attempt at layout, still not happy with it

September 3rd

Another layout:

October 13th yet another layout, think I am happy with this one.

November 3rd, I've been working on my colour scheme, here's a layout I've coded grabbed from the browser:

November 3rd, after feedback from Jack, I've changed the banner and colour scheme again:

So I've went ahead and coded the site and it's now live!  I'm still open to critique because I know it's not perfect so check it out:



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