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Pictogramms –



So this new icon or pictogram I created as my 1st assignment for the "Icon Design Workshop: Create New Icons for Skillshare!" was created for myself with the intention to drink less coffee. I called this one "less coffeefe" to associate it with something negative. I didn´t wanted to have a strict sign against coffeefe drinking but more one that reminds me to not drink more then two cups a day. As I am the main target group in this case the signs fit my purpose and the more artistic approach suits my kitchen. 






Recently I have been working on Pictogramms for a Client and after making some mistakes and lame Icons i found this class. So  I decided to take the oppurtunity to learn and refresh my knowledge and create a couple of Pictogramms that describes an action or something like that. 


Titel/Kontent: Adventure 


Titel/Kontent: Roundhouse Kick


Titel/Kontent: Inside Crime


Titel/Kontent: Sexbiz


Titel: Mom will not know the difference.


Titel/Kontent: Animal attack & and defense.


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