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Picnics at Grandma's House

It took me a while to come up with a unique idea, I kept thinking of food, parks, etc.  Then I went to my family for their ideas of a "picnic."  My husband brought up the idea of picnic games.  So then I thought of the family picnics we would have at my Grandma's house every Summer.  Being 1 of 22 first cousins, we played a lot of games!!  My favorite being croquet.  So this is what I went with. 

I created some sketches, but recreated them with shapes in illustrator.  I wanted to keep the style clean and simple since the motifs have a lot going on in them, I didn't want it to look too busy. 

I still have a lot of playing to do, but at least I have something now!!

(I just noticed that the blue ball and mallet shifted at some point, so imagine them lined up with the white motion line better!)





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