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Jane Valentine

Interior/Graphic Designer



Picnic treasure hunt

A picnic in Tasmania is so varied - from the beach to the mountains to the stream. A tradition for our family is to always go on long walks after a picnic lunch. I always look for the little things - dandelions, toadstools, ladybirds, four leaf clover. It is always exciting to discover the tiniest details in nature. This is the area I would like to focus on...the treasure hunt on a picnic!

I have taken a more abstract approach with the picnic theme - and my mood board reflects this! As a little girl I was always looking for four leaf clovers on picnics and I found many...which I have kept! All of these collections form a memory of our picnics. I would like to focus on ladybirds, four leaf clover, butterflies and toadstools (the amazing red and white spotted ones).

These are very rough initial sketches and thoughts...but when I had drawn them I realised that each of them had spots in common! I think this might be a nice concept to include in my final pattern design.


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