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Picnic for bears

I just signed up for this class- so I am a lot behind! I loved the idea of using words to start the process, I usually do this to some extent, but not as broad as suggested. As I was writing the words that came to mind, I started thinking of vintage park posters, and the bears that were often thought to stumble upon gatherings with food. So I put that thought to the corner of my mind and continued to focus on things that my family might enjoy with picnics, such as simple foods, kite flying, and the fun of picking wild flowers. I decided that a simple park meadow inspired picnic with bears would be my concept. 

Highlighting the keywords: Berries, wildflowers, bears, kites, banjo, bunting, donuts, mugs/thermos, lemonaid, bees and baskets.

I also created a picnic themed board on pinterest- http://pinterest.com/mayavenue/picnic-inspiration/

Below is my first set of sketches. I've gone back and forth with the idea of whimsical or folk inspired imagery but I think I'm going to stick with something light and whimsical. 

Unit 2 Experiments Update:

I just finished viewing the Unit 2, Illustrator 101 videos (except for the bonus video which I am having trouble viewing) and here are my experiments in Illustrator! I am 100% new to illustrator and have put it off for so long, I have to say I have tried learning it before from other online websites but could not sit through it (I am so impatient!) but these videos are amazing! They are fun, and so easy to understand! It will take me awhile to completely grasp all the tools and how they can best work for me- but that just takes experience.

Unit 3, a bit of Unit 4 Update:

I think I am missing how to do certain things- like make sure paths are closed, and how to have the negative image where you delete the outline and have just the colored shapes. Also I am having trouble selecting or changing brushes after the initial drawing is done, when I do I can't seem to change the size of the brush without it effecting the fill/outline settings. Example- I accidently draw a motif using the blob brush in a plain  brush, but what I want is a caligraphy style brush in a 0.20 size, when I try to change brushes the line becomes huge and the fill and line color options change from what I had.

So, here are my first vector tracings of one bear and a kite, using the blob brush and playing around with coloring using the blob brush and erase tools. These are not at all my final colors, just messing around. I have yet to settle on the colors. Now I will continue to get tracings of all my motifs, then I will settle on a colors!

Update 6-25 Working on motifs:

Still playing around with motifs, finished my florals and am currently working on my log w/bunting/food items. Then I will be working on my bees & maybe other bears. Not sure if I will use all the motifs but if not in this project I may use them in another! Still figuring out my color pallette as well. I have not had much time to work on these so hopefully today I get a big chunk done. This is not a final layout in any way- just experimenting with the motifs that I had finished!

2nd Update today:

Working on log and food motifs! This is so much fun! I am having trouble doing things the quick way with filling with color. I guess I don't get the whole how to close paths well yet. So I have had to hand color with the blob tool and clean up with the eraser. I have a feeling I'm making it harder then it should be :)

Update June 28: Old School Square Repeats Method 1 & 2

So I just used a couple of my simple motifs when trying these methods out. I wanted to get familiar with the process more and not worry too much about the rest. I am happy to say AI is not a scary concept to me anymore! I still have tons to learn, but I am having fun :)

Update! Contest Entered:  I am still taking this class, and skipped through some- I am actually still refining my pattern as well but I wanted to enter the contest with what I had done anyway since it's the last day! For some reason my image on Spoonflower looks all blurry, which makes me sad. But in Illustrator it looks just fine. Any tips?

Here is a link to my Spoonflower entry-


Here is a screen shot of it tested:


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