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Picnic Playtime

When I first started thinking about the theme Picnic, my mind was filled with images relating to a teddy bears picnic. I wanted to look at the fun element of a picnic, how we first encounter picnics as children & the notion that anything goes. 

I like the idea of using vintage colours but maybe not a vintage setting, a whimsical scene perhaps. Vintage pinks & muted greens. Lanterns hanging off trees or cloud patterns in the sky.

Picnic moodboard


I have started sketching some initial ideas, I sort of know where I'm headed but it still needs a bit of tweaking. Instead of lanterns hanging from trees I was thinking pretty lace umbrellas. Overall I need to simplify my elements.

I have worked on the little girl/bear image a little more though I am not quite satisfied yet , I am thinking about what type of picnic items I could use in the surrounding areas & also looking at the design of a blanket & basket motif further exploring the direction of weave.

Exploring the shape tool in illustrator with some really basic pattern ideas

This is such an achievement for me as I have struggled with Illustrator. I have used a combo of tools, shapes, cuts, pucker, fill etc to create my first cupcake. The photo of my screens a bit dark & blurry I'm afraid.

I went back on the cupcake and reworked the cherry so the bottom is slightly flatter and doesn't look like its floating in space so much.

I have managed to create a parasol design using various tools though I do admit I am still struggling with illustrator and seem to be 'winging it' but whether that's a good or bad thing I am getting some results to work with. When grouping the sections it's a right mix and match of shapes.

I revisited the basket weave from my earlier sketches and prefer this lay out but seriously don't ask me how I did it, still needs finishing

I started the basic shape of my teapot, so far so good. I am running behind this week so I will do my best to catch up.

This is based on the original little girl drawing from the beginning. I used one of the live trace options with a more hand drawn affect. I tried to manipulate a pattern & create a new colour but I couldn't drag it back in the swatches box, ended up dragging one single element instead & managed a pattern fill that way which I liked as I drew a leaf nearly the exact shape in my rough doodles. I want to texture the hair but I can't seem to incorporate colour plus a pattern? I will keep trying. 

I added my bear to the scene & added some pattern to him, I then decided to incorporate my parasol and cupcake to try a test pattern. I still want to incorporate my teapot but wanted to check I'm on the right path.   Illustrator is slowly coming to me.

I realised I had added two rectangles by mistake, it really is trial and error

I have entered this design in to the spoonflower contest


I have another I wanted to enter instead though it went horribly wrong so I will continue Yao create it and put pics up shortly

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